Your business has unique needs that off-the-shelf and one-size-fits-all IT solutions can’t adequately predict. We’re committed to understanding your business and creating a custom, managed IT program that addresses the needs of your business today and anticipates its needs for tomorrow.  

Managed IT Services

Choosing the right IT model is critical for your business. From networks, applications, storage, and end-user technology, Alternis IT assesses your company’s individual challenges and develops a custom system of best practices to keep your business running optimally. 

Our solutions are flexible and scalable. We provide proactive, preventative maintenance with fixed-cost plans that guarantee 99.9 percent uptime.

Increase Productivity – We help you increase your productivity by eliminating network downtime with 24/7 monitoring.   

Reduce IT Overhead – Our oversight reduces your IT overhead. Our pros manage your IT needs so you can spend your time focusing on your company’s goals and practices.

Eliminate Downtime – We provide 24/7 technical and network support to respond to your employees precisely when they need it so you don’t experience downtime and potential loss of revenues.

    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud-based solutions can replace traditional in-house IT systems and offer flexibility as well as scalability without additional equipment costs. Businesses that transition to cloud-based services often see a savings of over 50 percent.

    Flexibility and Scalability – The virtual space of cloud computing has unlimited storage and more server resources.  These servers can scale up or down depending on your traffic needs, and you still have control to install the software you need.

    Automation – Cloud hosting is managed by the provider who handles all the necessary hardware, ensures security and keeps systems running smoothly.  

    Running Costs – With cloud-based services, you only pay for what is used (similar to how you pay for utilities).  Also, the decreased likelihood of downtime means improved workplace performance and increased profits in the long run.  The elimination of consistently upgrading technology and hiring additional personnel is another tremendous savings for your business.

      Security & Emergency Services

      We offer cybersecurity programs that detect and alleviate threats, preventing downtime and technology emergencies. We check security trends daily and can head off any impending issues. Moreover, we can manage your encryption and password protection protocols.

      Resilience and Elasticity – Server-side redundancy in the cloud means there’s no data loss or downtime in the event of server failure. This configuration also provides additional storage space and amplified computing power.

      Unlimited Support  – When you are in need of assistance or have an IT emergency, you will always be able to contact local support —  24/7.

        When you work with Alternis IT, you’re working with a company dedicated to serving your needs not merely as a client but as a valued business partner.

        We measure our success by your success. 

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