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Managed IT Services

Monitoring your network, hardware and application performance while analyzing your overall business processes.

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Secure your data with automated backups and scale your business with our flexible programs.

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We offer expedited technology repair and implementation and system development.

“Art’s remarkable patience in understanding your needs and providing insights gives him the perfect skills to move your company forward.”

Paula Johnson

CEO, Epiphany Communications



We strive for excellence, efficiency, and authenticity in all of our endeavors. We assess your goals and business practices to ensure that we deliver the best solution for your specific needs. Our talent is top-tier, diverse, and multilingual. We conduct our business sustainably and responsibly (our operations are 100% paper-free) and we put a premium on integrity and transparency with our clients. To accomplish this, we practice three core principles:


We customize technology solutions that scale as your company grows. We offer managed IT services, from monitoring your networks to optimizing your hardware and application performance. We analyze your unique in-house processes so we can tailor a program that best suits your business goals.


Using flexible cloud-based services, we can enable frictionless sharing of your data and seamless transitions into new technologies without costly workflow interruptions. Transfer your data between cloud locations with our virtual migration services or relocate to a new physical location with all of your IT assets safe and sound.


Our proactive protection programs prevent your systems and data from infrastructure and cybersecurity failures. We offer bespoke data backup and recovery services and safeguard against security breaches within predictable budget parameters.

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Art Katch is the founder of Alternis IT and your on-demand Chief Technology Officer. Based in Silicon Valley, Katch launched Alternis IT as a means of leveraging cloud-based IT solutions to small and mid-size businesses like his own. He presently oversees a team of 55 local technology professionals dedicated to finding human-focused solutions for your venture’s IT needs. Read More.

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