Co-Managed IT Solutions for Your Business

When you need additional IT support without additional staff, our co-managed IT services can seamlessly integrate with your team.  We can manage the day-to-day IT needs so your team can focus on higher-level projects.

Discover fully-managed IT solutions
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“Our hybrid services model allows you to scale your IT based on your business needs.”

Key Features

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Scalable, daily, end-to-end backups and recovery of your company’s data in the event of disruptions of service, accidental or malicious deletion, and corruption.

Cloud to Cloud Backup

Invisible back up your files to the cloud and between cloud-based services for total redundancy.

Hosted Exchange Email

Remove the need for physical servers to service, sorts, and archive all communication via email with baked-in anti-spam and anti-virus protection and 24/7 support.

Remote Accessibility

Enable employees to access email, files, and critical applications remotely.

WAN Redundancy / Failover

Maintain operations by switching automatically to a redundant or standby system in the event of a network disruption.

Internet Security Appliance

Constant monitoring and maintenance of your Internet Security Appliance and related subscriptions.


Managing and keeping all anti-virus protocols on all machines and peripherals up to date.

Anti-SPAM and Virus Filter

Blocking SPAM and preventing viruses and phishing attacks for all points of email contact.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Create secure connections with other networks and throughout the Internet, while safeguarding your company’s activity from bad actors.

Password Management

Centralized password management for websites, individual employees, contractors and vendors, and SaaS applications.

Security Awareness Training

Baseline security and awareness training program including recognition of phishing schemes and related malfeasance for both in-house personnel and contractors.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support provided in affordable, scalable packages.

Help Desk Support

Remote Help Desk Support is billed against blocks of hours at a discounted rate.


Constant, 24/7 monitoring of server(s) and workstations.

Inventory & Asset Management

Inventory & Asset Management is manual or not included and not reviewed regularly.

Windows & Application Updates

Windows updates on server(s) and workstations are manual but not all are up to date.

Virtual CIO Services

vCIO services such as budgeting and IT planning are provided at an hourly rate.

Proactive Maintenance

Preventative procedures are instituted to ensure that servers and workstations remain fully functional at all times.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Ensure proper configuration, security and management of smartphone-based email access app-based SaaS solutions.

Vendor Management

Manage vendor support, hours, and billing with convenience and ease of oversight.

Voicemail to Email

Have voicemails sent to email as attachments.

Telephony Continuity

A VoIP phone service that routes calls to other unified communication devices even if the internet is down or the power is out.

Unified Communications

Provide remote workers the ability to use a "soft" phone or mobile app to access their office phone line and make and receive calls.

Enterprise Feature Set

Even when softphones are being used, the VoIP platform provides the same features as an enterprise phone system.

Fixed Fee Billing

The phone bill is a consistent, predictable fixed fee with unlimited calling.

You maintain control over your IT 

With our co-managed services model, you are not entirely entrusting your IT to an MSP. As your in-house IT team, we will collaborate with your managed services provider to better meet your IT needs. Alternis IT’s co-managed IT services provide a way to focus resources on your business while securing world-class IT services in a way that serves your business best.

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