Your IT Solutions Should Just Work, So That’s What We Do.

One of our metrics for success is invisibility — meaning our ability to keep as much of our process serving customers like you out of sight and out of mind. We believe that IT should be imperceptible to customers and employees. Whether your company is a CPA or law firm, or you’re a medical professional, you and your clients deserve security, privacy, and proactive IT services. Your IT solutions should just work — so that’s what we do.

To keep your business’ IT management running optimally, we put a premium on the quality of our problem solving and our dedication to efficient practices.

We strive for a culture of trust and quality relationships — this supports long term growth and realizing new possibilities together. Whether you’re a CEO or a General Manager, an operations manager, or a facilities manager, we can tailor an IT management program that's right for you.


Over 6 Metropolitans
28+ Cities
110+ Companies


When you’re a CEO, you don’t have time for surprises — especially those that are both preventable and can negatively impact your business flow.

When you outsource your IT needs, you bring immediate value to your company and customers with the added advantage of predictable, fixed costs. You vouchsafe your company’s valuable data against innumerable scenarios like the loss of a critical IT staffer, an overdue IT expansion or cyber-attacks.

Managing IT isn’t a single position — it’s many. Alternis IT works with 100s of top-tier professionals to provide a permanent team that is accountable, reachable, and has both the depth and breadth of in-the-field knowledge to make your IT management experience world-class.

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General Manager & Operations Manager

As an operations manager, you need your deliverables on-time and properly implemented to remain competitive and dynamic.

Downtime can result in a 30-percent loss of productivity, so we  don't believe in “set it and forget it.” We don’t abandon our partners — we become your dedicated IT management team that stays with your company for the life-cycle of all your projects.

After implementing a system, we don’t allow our customers to engage with the system until it has passed the strictest testing. We then provide the tools and training your staff needs to get the most value out of your solutions. Every time, all the time.

We are a relationship-based business, and we'll earn your trust by proving our excellence.

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Facility Manager

Facility Managers are often trapped in a cycle of “fixing” rather than developing and innovating for their companies. Clients frequently turn to them with problems that could be more effectively handled by a team dedicated to their needs, freeing facility managers to pursue projects that better align with their company’s mission.

Alternis IT can take care of all of the companies under your stewardship with a steady, outsourced staff of IT professionals who can perform an array of duties — from routine upgrades to maintaining your building’s IT infrastructure.

We know how to avoid costly mistakes and create future-proof solutions that can grow with your needs. Moreover, you will have a constant point of contact who is invested in your success.

We are a referral-based business with 90 percent of our business generated by repeat customers. We care about the quality of our service and the results of our work and actively seek partners able to perceive the value that an IT management solution can bring to their organization.


"Alternis IT is responsive, knowledgeable, and timely in all IT concerns and needs. The team helped our company get caught up with the ‘times,’ as it were, and is very professional and courteous in service! I would definitely recommend Alternis IT for any IT, computer, and network issues that you may have! They will go to the ends of the Earth to solve your problem!"

— Steve Y, CPA & TAX

IT Directors

As fellow IT professionals, we implicitly understand the demands of your position and where we can provide support to help your department operate with maximum efficiency.

We can help you determine your organization's specific IT needs and strategically implement your vision on budget and on time. By outsourcing your IT tasks — or your entire department — stakeholders will see improved outcomes and faster results. Rather than relying on a single staffer to do all of your IT work, you can have our team of IT experts secure, monitor, and maintain the mission-critical systems of your business while managing your costs.

We can assist when your regular staffers are on leave or are taking on other high-priority tasks. Our on-demand services can meet your business objectives and maintain continuity despite employee departures or when human resources are deployed elsewhere on unexpected tasks. Moreover, our IT management solutions can help maintain crucial services and production, even if your infrastructure is down, which spares your business costly employee compensation when they would otherwise be unable to work.

Our dedicated roster of skilled IT professionals are ready and available to bring our array of services to your department as an extension of your existing department — or as your plug-n-play team solution.

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