Managed IT Solutions for Law Firms

As attorneys, you’re committed to providing your clients with the best legal service possible. As your provider of managed IT and co-managed IT services, we provide comprehensive legal IT solutions optimized for your legal firm.

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“Close to 90% of all documents produced in law firms originate as digital assets. Are your documents safe from cyberattack?”

Legal services firms must abide by an array of regulations that determine how private client data is managed. We are your go-to team when it comes to addressing technological and legal requirements that may exceed your realm of expertise.

“According to the American Bar Association, US businesses lose $12 billion annually due to data loss.”

Key Features

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In your business, there is zero tolerance for technology failures. Contract deadlines and appointed court dates are non-negotiable — downtime of your critical systems can be devastating. All of our solutions are cloud-based, secure, redundant, and can quickly restore operations in the event of an emergency.

Technology will make your law practice more productive but it also must align with mandatory, legal standards such as SOC2 compliance and adherence to the ITIL framework to ensure the protection of sensitive client data. 

We provide a team that has the proper training and expertise to monitor, detect and respond to threats to your institution in real-time, even at 3 a.m. while you’re soundly sleeping.

Though backup practices and other measures are common in law firms, this is no longer sufficient for most organizations for several reasons:

• Threats that take advantage of human errors like clicking email links that embed malware or facilitate phishing scams can have devastating effects on your practice and open it to legal liabilities and incur government fines.

• Backups are your last line of defense in an emergency but on-site backup systems are incapable of alerting your practice when there are systemic failures or the backups themselves become damaged or corrupted.

Forgetting to perform your backups or neglecting to validate your backup leaves you unprotected and makes it impossible to restore your data.

• Backing up raw data, rather than all application and server configuration files, could result in your practice being out of service for days during a lengthy restoration process for your servers, operating systems, and applications.

Alternis IT’s managed IT and co-managed IT services provide law firms confidence that your practice is protected with world-class IT practices, including:

Monitoring and support 24x7x365.

Restore back-ups in minutes instead of days.

Management of cloud environments and multiple locations for data backup.

Having implemented time-tested systems for over 100 law firms, we know how to design best-in-class, scalable, solutions to address your firm’s singular needs.

Your customer’s trust is in you is only as strong as your trust in your IT company. Alternis IT — We are the better alternative.

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