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From malware to botnets, the IT security threats faced by small and mid-size businesses are real and on the rise. We offer a suite of cybersecurity services that detect and alleviate threats before they happen.

95 percent of cyber-attacks are the result of human error — clicking suspicious links in an email, a Google search or even your site’s own pages. Our systems anticipate threats and eliminate this potential. We also provide security awareness training for your staff.

We have implemented machine learning systems that scan for threats across 750 million domains and 4 billion IP addresses. Moreover, our intelligent behavior monitoring recognizes 41 billion+ attack signatures.

7 Layers of Protection

What We Do:

·  Secure your data with server-side redundancy and our intelligent behavior monitoring system. 

·  Regular, encrypted backups, which means there’s no data loss or downtime in the event of an attack.

·  Mitigate Legal liability for businesses that deal with client confidentiality like law firms and medical practices.

·  We are HIPPA and SOC 2 compliant and have industrial level password management tools, web apps, and are NDA compliant.
Cybersecurity Isn’t Only For Large Organizations

Every day, small to mid-sized businesses are targeted by hackers and bots due to vulnerabilities most don’t even know they have. Firewalls and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t enough to ensure your customer’s valuable information is safe from potential breaches that can leave your company liable.

Alternis IT provides a comprehensive approach to security that transcends mere technology. We follow the ISO 27001 standard that recommends every security solutions address all areas of information security risk including people, processes, and technology.

By following this standard, we are confident we can help protect your mission-critical assets, and bring the solutions required to protect, monitor, and respond to attacks from all vectors. This protects more than your data and your network — it also protects your brand and reputation.

Why Work With Us?
·  Penetration Testing and Environment Audits
·  Full Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service
·  Physical security protection (IP cameras / door entry / video)
·  Web and Application Firewall Management
·  DDoS Mitigation
·  SIEM Platforms, including reporting monitoring
·  Virus, Malware, Spyware, Email Scanning
·  Compliance Attestations
·  IDS / IPS Management
·  Endpoint & Device Security Management
·  Virtual CISO
·  Disaster Recovery and Backups
·  Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
·  East / West Traffic Monitoring & Breach Protection
·  Behavioral Management / Staff Training & Awareness
·  Professional Services Security Consulting
We Use Only the Best Products

Our Threat Intelligence Platform is the most advanced cloud technology that has machine learning to adapt to the latest and unknown threats daily.

We scan the entire Internet 3 times daily to stay ahead of latest threats, this analysis includes:
·  750M+ Domains
·  32B+ URLs
·  4B+ IPs Addresses
·  31B+ Behaviors
·  67B+ Connected Sensor

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