Managed IT Solutions for Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, caring for your patients is your top priority. But who’s caring for your IT infrastructure? Alternis IT offers managed IT and co-managed IT solutions to keep your practice’s IT safe and healthy.

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65% of patients will change healthcare providers following a data breach.

From patient’s health history, insurance details, financial information, and an array of HIPAA compliance requirements you have an obligation to keep these records confidential. 

Any comprise of your patient’s private data can result in untold damages to your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Healthcare regulations are constantly evolving. In order to meet new industry standards, healthcare businesses are converting electronic medical records that are vulnerable to data breaches.

  • The average data breach amounts to 25,575 records.
  • The average cost per record lost is $429. 
  • The average total cost of a data breach is $10 million dollars.

Key Features

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If you think your practice is too small to be targeted for a cyber-attack, you should consider that 71% of all cyberattacks specifically target small-to-medium-sized practices. Smaller offices are attractive to online criminals because they’re known for lax security protocols.

Alternis IT constantly backs your data up to the cloud. In the event of an emergency, we can provide instant recovery and you get back to serving your patients.

To legally practice medicine in the United States, strict adherence to government regulations is mandatory. HIPAA compliance is not optional – it’s the law.

Proper HIPAA compliance includes:

• HIPAA Risk Assessment

• Policies & Procedures Documents

• Management Plan

• Data Breach Communication Plan

• Network Security

• Ability to Backup & Recover Data

• HIPAA Training for Business Associates

We’ve implemented time-tested systems for dozens of healthcare facilities and have proven our ability to design best-in-class, scalable solutions to address your practice’s unique needs.

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