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Our managed IT Solutions are Exactly What You’ve Been Looking For

Your business needs IT solutions but where do you start? Alternis IT is your on-demand IT broker. As your trusted partner, we can navigate and interpret a variety of vendor offerings for your business and leverage our extensive relationships to obtain the best value for your IT spend.

As your personal IT Broker, we enjoy relationships with 180+ vendors and can right-size service packages tailored to your business needs — today and tomorrow.

Our vendors are solution engineers who know where to go and who to ask for the right answers. Moreover, we do exhaustive R&D and analyze the offerings of our partner companies to guarantee they have the exact tools you need and can deliver consistent, hassle-free service.

Large corporations don’t have the dedication to growing your business that we do. We’ve done the homework and as part of your team, we will pursue the best information technology solutions to serve your needs.

How it Works

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When you transition your IT needs to our cloud-based IT solutions, you can expect up to a 50 percent cost savings thanks to the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing. 

Add to that the elimination of consistently upgrading technology and hiring additional personnel, and the tremendous savings for your business is readily apparent. 
You only pay for what is used (similar to how you pay for utilities). The decreased likelihood of downtime means improved workplace performance and increased profits in the long run.

scalable and flexible

Alongside unlimited storage, servers can scale up or down depending on your traffic needs and you maintain total control over the kind of software you need to install for your particular business needs.

We can reduce your in-house IT overhead by having our IT professionals manage all of your business’ IT needs.


We handle all the necessary hardware, ensures security with the strictest level of HIPPA and SOC 2 compliance, and keeps systems running smoothly.

We provide proactive, preventative maintenance with fixed-cost plans that guarantee 99.9 percent uptime.

We can help you increase your productivity by eliminating network downtime with 24/7 monitoring.


Our dedication to your company helps eliminates downtime when problems arise. We provide 24/7 technical and network support to respond to your employees precisely when they need it so you don’t experience downtime and potential loss of revenue.

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10 Reasons to Work with an IT Broker

When planning your company’s migration to cloud-based services and unified communications solutions, there are several compelling reasons to consider partnering with an IT Broker rather than working direct-to-carrier.


Gain access to vetted supplier options

An IT broker can find the best supplier options for your company’s actual needs. Your IT broker will filter the optimum unified communications and cloud providers based upon your specific objectives and their unique strengths.


Secure a single point of contact

When you work with an IT broker, you gain a single point of contact to act on your behalf whenever you have a question, a concern or an issue to resolve.


Obtain personalized strategy and solution planning

IT brokers are seasoned experts with copious amounts of strategic experience when it comes to unified communications and cloud integrations. An IT broker will thoughtfully construct a plan that is best suited for the unique needs of your company.


Brokers aren’t salespeople

In their essence, IT brokers are advocates and strategists whose recommendations and decisions are not based on sales quotas or commissions. The purpose of IT brokers is to find and design the best solutions for their client’s needs.


Develop a long-term relationship

Unlike carriers and their sales professionals whose careers are dynamic and often subject to frequent change, IT brokers are vested in their own businesses and are inherently interested in building lasting client relationships.


Gain a trusted advisor

An IT broker is an extension of your team and can guide you with recommendations tailored specifically to your company's goals.


Acquire greater leverage

IT brokers have invested the time to develop high-functioning relationships with a variety of suppliers, which they can leverage on your behalf especially when negotiating contracts or resolving service issues.


Efficiency is Key

When you outsource your unified communications and cloud integration tasks to a trusted IT broker, you retain the time and resources that otherwise would have been spent strategizing, vetting the various providers and negotiating contracts.


Stay cutting edge

IT brokers are fastidious about keeping up with the ever-evolving state of cloud-based and unified communications technologies. IT brokers can leverage the right solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.


Maintain your focus

The expertise IT brokers can wield in your interests alleviates you from having to acquire a comparable skillset and allows you to do what you do best while they do what they do best.

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