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Meet Your New IT Team

The Alternis IT team is comprised of 55 local, technology professionals dedicated to finding human-focused solutions for all of your venture’s IT needs.

Our talent is top-tier, diverse, and multilingual. Each of us puts a premium on integrity and transparency with our partners.  Our practice is based on a lean, virtual business model, which allows us to offer flexible programs without burdening you with our overhead.

Our team’s expert certifications include: Apple, AWS, Barracuda, Cisco, Citrix, Fortinet, Juniper, Linux, Meraki, Microsoft, Netsuite, Oracle, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Symantec, VMware, and Webroot.


About Our Founder

Art Katch is the founder of Alternis IT and your on-demand Chief Technology Officer. Based in Silicon Valley, Katch launched Alternis IT as a means of leveraging cloud-based IT solutions to small and mid-size businesses like his own. 

Originally from Tehran, Katch is a graduate from Silliman University, a Philippines-based private research university, and the Tehran Institute of Technology where he obtained his BS in computer science and an E-MBA in strategic planning, respectively. Katch has actively participated in tech entrepreneurship for the past 15 years.

If you need immediate assistance or are experiencing a technological crisis, you can contact your local support team — 24/7.

“I’ve seen hundreds of companies routinely make the same mistakes. An IT consultant and broker can help navigate the possibilities based on your actual technology needs. Big companies aren’t able to know you as well as we can. We care about your company’s success and as your trusted technology partner, we are your resource. Our network of professionals becomes your network, resulting in the best IT team for your needs.” 

Art Katch

Founder, Alternis IT


Alternis brings expertise and partnerships with numerous providers and technology sources.  We are able to sell their services and products, access top-tier engineers and maintain up-to-date knowledge of their products and services.

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